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Power Washing: What is it and How Will it Benefit my Home or Business in Medford NY?

As a home or business owner in Medford, NY, it is no surprise that you want to keep everything clean and orderly. This is why there are so many different companies offering cleaning services for homes and offices. However, it is not just the interior of your business or home that needs to be kept up. The exterior of these buildings also need regular cleaning and maintenance, so it is important to hire cleaners to take care of this for you. That is where the team at Shoman Power Washing comes in. For many years we have been serving the home and business owners of Medford, NY with power washing services that have left their buildings looking sparkling new. After all, the exterior is the first thing a visitor or prospective client will see when they arrive at your home or business. By keeping the building clean, you can create a strong first impression every single time. But what exactly is power washing? And can it truly help your home or business look and function at its best? Read on for an inside look into the world of power washing and how it can be helpful to you.

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What is Power Washing?

Outdoor surfaces can get dirty easily, so it is important that they be cleaned properly. One of the best ways to do this is by the use of power washing. Power washing uses electric pressure washers to rid a surface of dirt and other pollutants like dust or algae or even mold. The machine used to do this is called a power washer, or pressure washer. The force of these machines makes for an easier and more thorough cleaning job than just normal window washing or small surface cleaning. The best attribute of power washing is that it cleans a large surface at one time, making it cleaner quicker. There are various methods of power washing and how it is performed.

Is Power Washing the Same as Pressure Washing?

Here at Shoman Power Washing, we often hear that power washing and pressure washing are the same thing. Although we understand how this can be confusing, we could not disagree more. Many people think that the difference between these two is that power washing utilizes hot water while pressure washing uses cold or warm water. This is not the case. With power washing, we can usually use machines that are of lower pressure for cleaning. Many people find this appealing because they do not want any damage done to the exterior of their home or business in Medford, NY. When people hear the words “pressure washing”, they often think that their building is going to be cleaned with a high intensity of pressure and that can often be a turn off. However, the terms can technically be used interchangeably. If a client has a concern about the machines that will be used to clean the surface of their building, we can simply offer them several options that will be of either high pressure or soft washing methods. In any case, we guarantee to use the safest materials on all buildings, and would never use an inappropriate method of cleaning.

High Pressure Washing: What Surfaces Should be Washed This Way?

When people hear the term pressure washing, they usually think that the surfaces that should be cleaned this way are durable and sturdy. They think that high pressure, no matter if it is gas or electric, should be used. They are correct in this way of thinking. Certain surfaces require a stronger surface cleaner to achieve the desired result. There are two very popular kinds of surfaces that are cleaned using a high pressure power washer.

  • Concrete Surfaces: One of the most common surfaces that are washed using high pressure washing is concrete. Concrete is a hard, porous surface that you would usually see on sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. Because of the high amount of traffic from vehicles and people’s feet, concrete usually has a lot of contaminants hidden below the surface. This is why high pressure surface cleaners are best when it comes to washing concrete. Pollutants soak into the surface of concrete, so in order to get rid of them the right way, high pressure is needed.

Wooden Decks: Pressure is also a benefit when it comes to cleaning the decks in the backyard of your Medford, NY home. Power washing a deck is a good idea if you are getting ready to seal or paint it as well. If the pressure is high enough, loose pain, sun stains, debris, and other natural pollutants can be taken off by use of a high pressure washer.

What Surfaces Should be Washed Using the Soft Pressure Method?

When it comes to soft wash, a lower amount of water pressure is used for cleaning. Soft brushes and cleansers are also present for this more delicate form of power washing. One of the most popular surfaces that are cleaned by soft pressure washing is vinyl siding. This material is strong, but also a bit delicate. Finding the balance between the two can often be a struggle, so soft pressure washing is the general go to for siding of any kind. Roofs are also cleaned using soft pressure washing. Because asphalt shingles are delicate and prone to breaking or falling off, a softer wash is ideal.


When it comes to keeping your business or home looking its best, Shoman Power Washing is here to make it happen. Our team wants your surfaces looking shiny, new, and attractive for visitors and prospective clients. We also want to make sure the areas are clean in order to protect the safety of your family or employees. If you are interested in booking some power washing services in Medford, NY, please call today for a free estimate!