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Top Benefits of Using Power Washing Near Me in Freeport, NY

If you have a home in Freeport, it’s bound to get worn over the years. UV rays, dust, bugs, algae—there are so many harmful contaminants in Nassau that mess with the once clean walls and roofs of houses. Dirt and mold grow in crevices, stains build up on driveways… What was once a clean surface is now unrecognizable and hard to return to its previous look with regular cleaning options. 

Power washing is the best way to provide regular maintenance to your home in Nassau. Not only does power washing get the job done and clean your house perfectly, but it also has a variety of other benefits. 

How does power washing work? 

Power washing uses highly pressurized water coming out of a power washer machine to clean surfaces. A worker with professional safety equipment will do all of the washing for you in Freeport, NY so you don’t have to worry about any potential injuries. 

After using a good amount of pressurized water to get rid of the contaminants from the dirty surface, depending on if there’s anything left, a worker may also use a bristled brush to scrub away any remaining stains. 

Examples of what power washing can do:

Power washing saves you time

Instead of spending hours upon hours scrubbing away contaminants like mold by hand (which can sometimes be troublesome and/or dangerous to deal with), power washing is significantly faster and more effective. You can feel free to rest without worrying about when and how to do a deep cleaning of your property. 

Power washing in Freeport increases your property’s appeal and value

We know that a home’s curb appeal is a big factor in a home’s real estate value. The same applies to commercial buildings. If the paint looks fresh and the front looks clean, it makes a huge difference. 

In fact, Huffington Post notes that the National Association of Realtors quantifies a home that has been power washed as being worth up to $15,000 more. That’s a huge sales price boost that is quick and easy on your part. If selling your property is something you’re considering in the future, getting it power washed is invaluable. 

Long-term health and monetary benefits 

The great thing about power washing is that it counters the terrible thing about dirty surfaces: dirty surfaces grow exponentially dirtier over time. Be it dust or mold, the older a contaminant or stain is, the worse it may get and the harder it is to clean by hand. This can cause long-lasting damage to the surface/building. 

Getting power washing done is similar to going to the dentist: it solves whatever current problem you have, and also is a preventative measure. Whatever material your home is made of, by getting it power washed, it almost serves as “reset”. The surfaces will glisten again and the stains will be gone. No more health concerns so you can have peace of mind.

Safe and secure

By using a diluted sodium hypochlorite-based substance, we power wash in a way that will not harm anything during the process. In addition, we utilize low pressure washing as opposed to high pressure washing so that we can ensure your surfaces and objects are totally unharmed by the end. 

Great if you’re planning other projects for your home

It can be very hard to paint over a dirty wall, if that’s what you’re aiming for. Renovation in Freeport, NY is often obstructed by contaminated surfaces, and sometimes hidden damages caused by mold and algae 

Available 24/7 for residential and commercial services

We offer 24/7 service when it comes to all sorts of properties in Nassau, NY that way you can get your location cleaned up even after regular working hours. This is perfect for pesky nighttime graffiti messes that may plague your property, which can be very stressful to deal with alone. Our commercial services include:

And many more. If you are uncertain whether your property is able to be power washed, the most likely answer is: yes. You can always contact us for detailed info on how we would go about completing your project.

No matter the size or cleanliness of your location, we guarantee we will get the job completed efficiently.

Fully licensed and insured 

Shoman Power Washing was established in New York and is the top power washing service in all of Long Island. We set the standard for power washing and there’s no lack of positive reviews for our company.

Because we are properly licensed and insured, there’s no worry about any potential unexpected costs or setbacks. We are top-rated on HomeAdvisor and have many returning customers who have stuck with us since their first power washing experience.

Shoman Power Washing puts customers first

Whether you’re looking to make your quaint home look pristine, wanting to get power washing done on a large scale, or anything in between, we value you. You can contact us at 631-579-9653 at any time. 

We develop long-lasting relationships with our clientele by offering periodic follow-ups throughout the year. 100% customer satisfaction is one of our biggest goals and we back it up with our professionalism and integrity. Our workers put their 110% into your project as if it were our own personal projects, that way we exceed your expectations in the best way possible.

Flexible and accessible

You can easily get a free estimate specifically for the location you want power washed. We use a state-of-the-art appraisal system that helps you get a fair and reasonable price. We also can provide a quote in person if that’s what you would prefer. 

Power washing is a valuable, effective service that helps your property value soar, your home look clean, and it also saves you a ton of trouble both immediately and in the long run. 

We recommend power washing to any property owner, both commercial and residential.

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